A Communities for Communities volunteer immersion takes you right to the heart of what we do – reaching out to help other communities meet their needs. We offer both overseas immersions and local immersions here in New South Wales for volunteers over 16 years of age.

Our immersion trips generally run for 7-10 days and are held throughout the year, often during school holidays. We always aim to keep our overseas immersions affordable and ask that volunteers pay for their airfare and some on-the-ground costs. For our local immersions, volunteers pay an amount to cover their transport, accommodation and meals.


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Overseas immersions are a key part of the Communities for Communities volunteering experience. It’s where we get our hands dirty – literally!

When you volunteer for an overseas immersion with Communities for Communities, you will be working as part of a team on a building project. You could be shovelling soil, mixing cement, laying bricks, putting up housing frames, painting, hammering, or measuring, but you don’t need any tradie experience! You’ll be guided every step of the way by experienced immersion leaders and you’ll be working with the very people whose lives you’ll be transforming through the creation of safe, sustainable housing. There’s so much more to overseas immersion too, from experiencing the local culture, taking part in games and activities with the community and enjoying a laugh with your team at the end of a day’s work – it's a life-changing experience.


Communities for Communities is reaching out across regional New South Wales to help build community resilience through our immersions in Tamworth. When you take part in one of our local immersions, you’ll be organising activities, sport, games and fun for groups of young indigenous children – and at the same time, having the opportunity to learn more about indigenous culture and traditions.


It’s a big statement, but it’s true. Not only will you come back a changed person, your personal impact on a family and community will have a profound impact which will last for years. From the warmth and hospitality you’ll receive sharing a meal with the local community, to the satisfaction of laying that last row of bricks for a family’s home, you’ll make friendships and memories for a lifetime.