Lucas Gardens School is located in the City of Canada Bay and provides kindergarten through to secondary school education for children living with a disability.

Communities for Communities has been supporting Lucas Gardens School since 2003, firstly through fundraising to providing additional paediatric physiotherapy services to its students. As our connection with this amazing school, and its beautiful students and staff continued to grow, we launched a series of fundraising events in the local Canada Bay community. Through these efforts, we raised over $600,000 to fund much-needed classroom technology and a range of facilities and programs including a hydrotherapy centre, the All Ability School Bus, cultural incursions to the school and the all-abilities Kaffir Plum playground.

The Principal of Lucas Gardens School, Jenny Zagas, tells us that the students continue to benefit from the funds raised by Communities for Communities.

“The facilities and services funded by Communities for Communities (C4C) continue to make a huge difference in the lives of our students every day. C4C’s help in funding classroom technology such as iPads has been a tremendous boost to our student and staff communication and learning. The school bus allows them to connect with our local community and also enjoy school excursions. With the hydrotherapy pool now fully operational, students now have the benefit of a wonderful facility to support their wellbeing. One of the most special aspects of our connection with Communities for Communities is the joy and empowerment our students’ families have, through their involvement in fundraising activities and friendships with the volunteers. C4C is a very special and valued friend to Lucas Gardens School.”