Tavuya Village, Fiji

Communities for Communities, in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, are supporting Tavuya Village in the Rewa River delta, Fiji whose community was heavily impacted by Cyclone Winston in early 2016. The village is home to 211 people, made up of about 43 households, and is enduring poor housing conditions and lack of government development post the disaster. Since the devastation, families have been living in make-shift housing built from salvaged materials. The main source of income in the village comes from fishing, but villagers supplement their income with subsistence farming. Some residents work in the nearby town of Nausori.

As a team, we will help rebuild cyclone-resistant housing and a kindergarten, as well as upgrade disability access and footpaths, so that these families are restored with hygiene, safety and comfort. Communities for Communities has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Habitat for Humanity in early 2017 with a commitment to contribute $240,000 over the next two years in support of this needy project.

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