Rainbow Village, Vietnam

Communities for Communities partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Catalyst Foundation to assist around 90 disadvantaged families who have previously spent generations living and working on a rubbish dump in Southern Vietnam. The project incorporated the development of homes, educational and vocational resources, and also provided micro loans to assist in the transition from the dumpsite and to build new sources of income for the community.

The purpose of the Rainbow Village project was to break the cycle of poverty that existed for these families, whose children previously spent their days scavenging amongst the tip. It built basic, permanent homes for 90 families and assisted with the development of the school and vocational training centre. This has helped create a safer, healthier and more promising future for these families and particularly their children. The local government supported the project and as well as other local Vietnam based charities. The incoming members of Rainbow Village were given official citizenship papers and have tenure to their houses and the right to transfer the property to other families who are classified as the poorest of the poor.

Teams of Communities for Communities volunteers have undertaken five immersion trips to help build some of the houses.

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