Prek Trob, Cambodia

In November C4C commenced its new 3 year, overseas project, building homes as part of a holistic community development, in the village of Prek Trob in Cambodia. In this village approximately one quarter of families are living below the poverty line & getting by, on average, on less than $1.25 per day. It is considered one of the most disaster-prone areas in Battambang province, commonly affected by drought, flood and plagues, which destroy cops and bring about animal diseases. The majority of shelters include old corrugated iron sheeting rooves and walls, as well as thatch and palm leaves with small wooden, bamboo and palm tree structures that typically at high risk of being affected by disasters such as flooding, wind and fire. C4C is proud to be supporting another community in need and will be running 3 immersions per year to this community. These will be run in March, July & October. Check out our Website and Facebook page for more information.

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