Communities for Communities aims to arrange two to three overseas volunteer trips per year to assist work on our partnered projects. The trips have a core focus on developing connections with the overseas communities and cultural immersion. Preconceived understanding of social norms and cultural values may be challenged throughout the experience, broadening community awareness and building an informed humanitarian outlook. Volunteers will provide a helping hand in building new homes and community space for disadvantaged families.

In 2020, we will be travelling to our newest destination, Cambodia. 

Dates below: 

  • First Immersion - Saturday 21st March to Sunday 29th March 2020 
  • Second Immersion - Saturday 4th July to Sunday 12th July 2020 
  • Third Immersion - Saturday 3rd October to Sunday 11th October 2020

Are you interested in volunteering overseas? Fill in the form on our Contact page.

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