Bitung Village, Indonesia

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Overseas Volunteer Trips

Are you looking to challenge yourself, form relationships and support a disadvantaged village? Join Communities for Communities for an unforgettable experience. Contact us for more information. Click here to see what the trips are all about.

Our next trip in September 2016 will be our last visit to Indonesia. Come along to our information evening to find out more. Stay tuned to hear about our next exciting overseas project.

Latest News

Catch up on the latest Communities for Communities news locally and overseas - including updates on our projects in Indonesia and the Philippines as well as our upcoming overseas volunteer trips. 

Check out our new three-part web series Travelling with Communities for Communities here.

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About Us

Communities for Communities is about fostering relationships and bringing communities together. With the support of the people of Canada Bay, we have hosted numerous community events and fundraised more than AU$2 million since 2002. 

These funds have built houses, schools, and community facilities in disadvantaged villages overseas in Thailand, Philippines, South Vietnam and Indonesia. Additionally, the proceeds have funded paediatric physiotherapy hours, a playground and now a hydrotherapy facility at Lucas Gardens School in Five Dock. 

Those involved with Communities for Communities have shared the prosperity of supporting and connecting with other communities. "The proceeds of our work go beyond our community but the benefit stays here" - Lance Brooks, Founder.

What People Say

The City of Canada Bay Council is pleased to support Communities for Communities. As Mayor, I am particularly proud to have an opportunity to work with a dynamic and vibrant group that does so much to help our local community and other communities in need. Lance and all the dedicated volunteers at Communities for Communities let their actions speak for themselves, and I encourage you to do what you can to join their efforts.

Angelo Tsirekas - Mayor

I have known about Communities for Communities for a number of years, but only really gotten involved in the past four years through local events, overseas volunteer trips and recently, the committee. What I love most about C4C are the relationships I have made both with our community here and those overseas.

Maddie Woods - Committee Member

As parents, we are very happy because this is a blessing. I know my number one responsibility as a parent is to provide a house for my kids, a sanctuary. With a home, someday when I'm gone, they will have a place to live. So I'm very grateful for this kind of help. From my own salary, I earn just enough for us to eat, so building a house is beyond a dream. We are so grateful. You may think it isn't much, but for us, it is amazing. 

Stevid - Klabat Village