Bitung Village, Indonesia

Communities for Communities is partnered with Habitat for Humanity to assist 226 disadvantaged families who were displaced from their homes over 10 years ago due to internal conflict that erupted in the North Maluku region of central Indonesia. These families fled to Manado, the Capital of North Sulawesi and surrounding areas as this was considered a safe haven, free from ethnic, religious, and sectarian conflict.

Over the ensuing 10 years, the families have been forced to relocate several times to temporary, sub-standard shelters. The families are now located at Bitung, located 60km from Manado. The Klabat project involves the acquisition of land, construction of 226 houses, a livelihood centre, and a playground, as well as a vocational/livelihood training programme. All the new houses will have running water, individual septic toilets and electricity, which is currently lacking in their existing settlement. This project will offer these families the opportunity to now re-establish their lives, provide them with their own safe and secure houses, offer vocational and skills training and provides the foundation for a positive future for the families and their children.

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