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Communities for Communities has partnered with overseas communities in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, as well as a local community, Lucas Gardens School in Five Dock. 

We have recently completed our funding commitment for the building of houses in Rainbow Village, South Vietnam however we are continuing to assist the local community there by providing funding support for educational resources for adults and children in the area.

We are also continuing to support the building of a livelihood centre in Cebu in the Philippines.

Our relationship with the communities in Rainbow Village and Cebu was strengthened through the immersion trips we took over the years, working side by side with the local people to build houses and other facilities.  We will stay connected through the friendships that were forged and our ongoing interest in the success of their livelihood and educational programs.

In 2012 we will begin a new project in partnership with Humanity for Humanity, the Klabat Project. 


Bitung, North Sulawesi, Indonesia 

Communities for Communities is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to assist 106 disadvantaged families who were displaced from their homes over 10 years ago due to internal conflict that erupted in the North Maluku region of central Indonesia. These families fled to Manado, the Capital of North Sulawesi and surrounding areas as this was considered a safe haven, free from ethnic, religious, and sectarian conflict.

Over the ensuing 10 years, the families have been forced to relocate several times to temporary, sub-standard shelters. The families are now located at Bitung, located 60km from Manado. The Project - known as the Klabat Project (derived from Mt Klabat a 2,000m high mountain in the region) involves the acquisition of land adjacent to their current settlement, construction of 106 houses, a livelihood centre and vocational/livelihood training programme. All the new houses will have running water, individual septic toilets and electricity which is currently lacking in their existing settlement. The Klabat Project will offer these families the opportunity to now re-establish their lives, provide them with their own safe and secure houses, offer vocational and skills training and provides the foundation for a positive future for the families and their children. The houses below right on the top row are the first batch of new houses that have been built by Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. 



Lucas Gardens, Five Dock, NSW more....
  In 2007, we held our first ever Ball - and raised $50,000 to fund additional Paediatric Physiotherapy hours for Lucas Gardens School in Five Dock for children with a disability. Since then, we've held a Ball each year and raised more than $300,000 - with the proceeds going towards Lucas Gardens to fund various needs at the school. Lucas Gardens does a fantastic job and it has been a real privilege to be able to help. We will conclude our fundraising for the hydrotherapy facility in 2012, and the Friends of Lucas Gardens will take over this responsibility.  
San Pio Village in Cebu, Philippines more....
  Our second project involved building 320 homes for families who were living on a rubbish tip in Cebu. We worked in partnership with Bethlehem Communities Australia and Habitat for Humanity in relation to this project. In October 2006 a group of 22 local Canada Bay community members travelled to Cebu to experience this all for themselves, including the hands-on building of some of the homes. We’re delighted to announce that with the help of our generous Canada Bay community, we have finalised our funding commitment towards housing as part of the San Pio Village building project. We continue to assist with the building of a Livelihood centre for families currently living on the nearby rubbish tip and surrounding area. We held a second immersion trip to Cebu in April 2012.  
Ranong, Thailand more....
  Communities for Communities' first project was in partnership with Caritas Australia and the Jesuit Refugee Service and consisted of building schools on the Thai Burma border in the province of Ranong.

In two years we were able to raise $160,000 which was used to build 8 schools for 860 Burmese children, provide teacher education, and resources for these children who had previously no access to education due to their refugee status. 
Rainbow Village, South Vietnam more....
Volunteers from our Immersion Trip team in front of a house built by a previous trip for a local family
  Communities for Communities partnered with Habitat for Humanity and the Catalyst Foundation to assist around 90 disadvantaged families who have previously spent generations living and working on a rubbish dump in Southern Vietnam. The project incorporated the development of homes, educational and vocational resources, and also provided micro loans to assist in the transition from the dump site and to build new sources of income for the community. The purpose of the project – known as Rainbow Village – was to break the cycle of poverty that existed for these families, whose children previously spent their days scavenging amongst the tip. Currently we continue to assist with supporting the school through our partnership with the Catalyst Foundation.  

We aim to arrange approximately two immersion trips per year to assist work in the projects we partner with. If you would like to know more about volunteering as part of an immersion trip, please contact us at or phone 02 9475 5252. All volunteers pay their own travel expenses.